Children Studying Abroad in Costa Rica


Children Studying Abroad in Costa Rica,

Children that learn a second language are provided several advantages often including higher test scores, increased understanding of their native language, heightened cultural understanding and appreciation, and better problem solving skills. These students will also have more opportunities in various career fields because "within the next 10 years more people will speak the language in the US than in Spain." (Manuel Morales, 2018).,

Prior to staying home with my crew I was a Spanish and ELL teacher, so naturally I believe it is important for them to learn a second language. I began speaking Spanish to them early on, but admittedly, not as often as I should have. It worked well with our first, but I did a poor job maintaining it on a regular basis.,

I traveled one summer break with a friend and we spent a couple of weeks studying in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and I just fell in love. Our family has visited several times since, and on our latest trip our oldest boys were old enough to attend Spanish ,

The school is located between Tamarindo and Langosta and caters to young children as well as college students and professionals working to increase their language ability for the workplace. Wayra also offers a Spanish and Surf program as well as a Homestay Program for those interested in making the most of their language acquisition.,

On the first day my oldest was very much against the idea. We mentioned the program months before our trip and he immediately let us know that he would not be attending and that we shouldn't waste our money. His brother, on the other hand, didn't have one complaint and was excited to attend. This pretty much sums up how each of them felt before heading into the school for the first time.,

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