To learn Spanish in Costa Rica it is essential that you immerse yourself in the language. Living with a family, getting to know them and their culture is a unique experience that will enhance your learning experience. Your family will open the door to the local community, help you interact with them and participate in their tranquil and rural community life.

The families live in small, nearby towns, within a 10 kilometer radius from Tamarindo. These small towns are not on the beach but are close enough. The homes are small and typical.

Families are all screened and carefully selected. You will meet many people from the community, and your host family will try to make your stay unforgettable.

Homestay includes

  • Check-in: Sunday around noon, if not otherwise arranged
  • Room: private
  • Meals: Breakfast and dinner
  • Laundry: twice a week
  • Transportation: Morning transportation to school
  • Check-out: Sunday before 11:00

  • The host mothers prepare a variety of fresh and tasty meals. The cooking is normally traditional, but if the student has a specific diet or preference, his or her host mother will do everything she can to meet the student´s needs. In some houses, the mother cooks on typical mud stoves with wood, and in others, on more modern kitchens but, regardless of the method they use, the meals are well enjoyed by the students. With a host family the students will have the opportunity to taste different fruits and vegetables that could be difficult to find in any other place.

    During the months of December to April, local fiestas and dances are part of the entertainment in this and other neighboring towns, where the students can enjoy an afternoon at the rodeo, participate at the tope "horse parade," share interesting conversations or experiences with the locals, or at night, dance to the rhythms of Latin music.

    Staying with a host family is a very popular option for those who wish to experience both Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica as well as the local culture.

    Hostfamily shared/privat


    Additional night private


    Casa El Mar shared


    Casa El Mar additional night shared


    Casa El Mar private


    Casa El Mar additional night private


    Casa La Carolina shared


    Casa La Carolina additional night shared


    Casa La Carolina private


    Casa La Carolina additional night Private


    Casa WAYRA shared


    Casa WAYRA additional night shared


    Casa WAYRA private


    Casa WAYRA additional night private


    All rates are in USD. VAT included.

    Lodging with host family includes private room, breakfast, dinner, laundry service and morning transportation to the school. Lodging at the student houses includes private or shared room, breakfast and housekeeping.4.

    Homestay Student Houses

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    WAYRA is proud to announce that 100% of our students passed successfully the DELE exams during the last 2 years! Our Intensive Spanish program is accepted in different German Provinces as "Bildungsurlaub". Contact us for more details!